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All terms of policy agreement

Terms and Conditions (Korea Fair Trade Commission Standardized Agreement)

Article 1 (Objective)

The objective of this provision is to prescribe rights, duties, and responsibilities of the users of cyber-webpage department in utilizing Internet-related services (Hereinafter referred to as "service") provided by the website (Hereinafter referred to as "Homepage") run by Team Booster Corporation (E-Commerce Business Operator).

※ 「This agreement is applied to any electronic businesses done through PC communication, etc. unless it is contrary to the properties of the business.」

Article 2 (Definition)

① "Homepage" means a virtual business site set up by the business operator where goods and services can be traded through information and communication equipment such as computers, and the term may be used to refer to the business operator of cyber website.
② "User" means a member or a non-member who connects to the “Homepage” and receives services provided by the “Homepage” subject to this agreement.
③ "A member" means an individual who signed up for a membership by providing personal information to the “Homepage,” and will continuously receive information of “Homepage,” and can constantly utilize the services provided by the “Homepage”.
④ "A non-member" means any users of the services provided by the “Homepage” without registering for membership.

Article 3 (Setting and Revision of Terms and Conditions)

① On the "Homepage," the contents of this agreement, company name, location of the business office, name of the representative, corporate registration number, and contacts (Phone, fax, email address, etc.) are displayed on the first service screen (entire) for users to know.
② In the scope of not violating related laws such as laws regarding the regulations of the agreement, Framework Act on Electronic Commerce, Digital Signature Act, laws regarding the promotion of information and communication network use and protection of information, laws regarding door-to-door sales, and Consumer Protection Law, this agreement can be revised by the "Homepage".
③ If "Homepage” revises the agreement, the date of revision application and the reason for revision should be specified and announced with the existing agreement on the initial screen page of the website 7 days before to the day before the application date.
④ If "Homepage" revises the agreement, the revised agreement is only applicable to the contracts concluded after the application date and for the already concluded contracts, the stipulations of previous agreement will be applied. However, if a user who already signed a previous contract wants to be subject to the stipulations of the revised agreement, sends his or her intentions to “Homepage” during the notice period of the revised agreement mentioned through section 3, and receive consent, the revised agreement will be applied.
⑤ Any matters not defined in this agreement and the translations of the agreement are subject to the Electronic Commerce Consumer Protection Law and related legislations enacted by the government or commercial practice.

Article 4 (Provision and Alteration of Services)

① "Homepage" conducts the following businesses.
 - Provides information on the good or services and concludes the purchasing contract 
 - Delivers purchased goods or services 
 - Any type of work “Homepage” appoints
② "Homepage" may change the contents of goods·services for the contracts that will be concluded in the future in the cases of goods being out of stock or changes in the technical specifications. In these cases, the content of altered goods·services and the date of offer where the contents of goods·services are currently posted 7 days prior to the date of offer.
③ If "Homepage" changes the content of services due to the goods being out of stock, alteration of technical specifications, or so, "Homepage" should pay for damages of the user. However, if there is no intent or error, compensation does not apply.

Article 5 (Suspension of Services)

① "Homepage" may temporarily suspend providing services under the circumstances such as maintenance or breakdown of information and communication equipment like computers, interruption of communication, etc.
② In the case of service suspension as mentioned in section 1, "Homepage" will notify users through methods determined in Article 8.
③ "Homepage" should pay for damages to users or the third party due to the temporary suspension of services of section 1. However, if there is no intent or error, compensation does not apply.

Article 6 (Membership Registration)

① Users apply for membership by filling out information on the form determined by "Homepage" and agreeing to these terms and conditions.
② "Homepage" will register users who applied to join as members as mentioned in section 1 unless users fall under the following items.
 - If the applicant for membership has lost one’s membership before according to Article 7, Section 3 of this agreement. However, if the applicant lost one’s membership according to Article 7, Section 3 more than three years ago and gets approved by "Homepage," the applicant is made an exception.
 - In the case of false entry, omission, and misentry in the registration contents
 - In other estimated cases of markedly technical disruption if the user is registered as a member.
③ The valid period of the membership registration starts when the consent of “Homepage” has reached the member.
④ In the case of changes of registration items according to Article 15, Section 1, the member must notify the changes to “Homepage” via email or other methods immediately.

Article 7 (Canceling and Disqualification of Membership)

① A member can cancel membership on the “Homepage” anytime and “Homepage” has to process cancellation immediately.
② If a member falls under the following items, “Homepage” can limit and suspend the membership.
 - If a member registered with false information on the application form
 - If a member does not pay liabilities of a member regarding the payment of purchased goods and services, or other payments in the use of “Homepage”
 - If a member disrupts other’s use of “Homepage,” steal information of others, or threatens other E-commerce order
 - If a member performs act using “Homepage” that is banned by the law and this agreement, or good public order and customs.
③ After “Homepage” limits or suspends the membership, if similar acts are repeated more than twice or the cause is not corrected, “Homepage” can deprive of the membership.
④ When “Homepage” deprive of the membership, the registration is expunged. In this case, this situation is notified and the member is given an opportunity to prove oneself before the obliteration.

Article 8 (Notifications to Members)

① When “Homepage” notifies in regards to the members, “Homepage” can notify through the email address provided by the member.
② “Homepage” may substitute individual notice by posting on the bulletin board of “Homepage” in the case of notification to unspecified individuals.

Article 9 (Purchasing Application)

The users of “Homepage” may apply for purchase with this following method.
 - Enter name, password, phone number, cell phone number, address, and e-mail address
 - Select goods or services 
 - Select method of payment 
 - Indicate agreement to the terms and conditions (e.g., click) 

Article 10 (Contract Formation)

① Unless the application of purchase falls under the following items, “Homepage” approves the purchase.
 - In the case of false entry, omission, and misentry  
 - If a minor purchases goods and services banned by Juvenile Protection Act such as cigarettes, alcoholic beverages, etc.
 - Any cases where markedly technical difficulties may occur on “Homepage” in approving the purchase application  
② When the approval of “Homepage” is delivered to the user in the form of acknowledgement of Article 12, Section 1, the contract is concluded.

Article 11(Payment Method)

The payment methods for the purchased goods or services on “Homepage” are the following:
 - Account Transfer 
 - Pay with Credit Card
 - Online Deposit without a Bankbook
 - Pay with electronic cash  
 - Payment when receiving the product, etc.

Article 12 (Acknowledgement, Change and Cancellation of Purchase Application)

① If a user applies for purchase, “Homepage” should notify the confirmation of receipt.
② The user may request for change or cancellation of the purchase immediately after receiving the confirmation when there is discord in the expression of will, etc.
③ “Homepage” should process the request without hesitation when there is a request for change or cancellation before delivery.

Article 13 (Delivery)

“Homepage” should state the transportation measures, the person responsible for expenses on each transportation method, delivery period for each transportation method, etc. on the purchased goods by the user. If the delivery period exceeds due to the intent or mistake of “Homepage,” “Homepage” has to pay the damages. “

Article 14 (Refund, Return, and Exchange)

① When “Homepage” cannot provide goods or services due to reasons such as the absence of stock, “Homepage” should notify the users of the reasons immediately. If the payment for the goods or services was received, cancellation and refund process should be carried out within 3 days of receiving payment. If the payment has not been received, cancellation and refund process should be carried out within 3 days of the date of the occurrence.
② When the user requests cancellation, the company would cancel the transaction, and depending on the remaining period of time from the booked date, differential refund fee applies.
 - When cancelled 4 days before, the user gets a full refund.
 - When cancelled 3 days before, 20% cancellation fee applies.
 - When cancelled 2 days before, 30% cancellation fee applies.
 - When cancelled 1 day before, 50% cancellation fee applies.
 - When cancelled on the day of use, 70% cancellation fee applies.

Article 15(Personal Information Protection)

① “Homepage” collects minimal amount of information necessary for fulfillment of purchase agreement when collecting data.
The following are essential matters and the rest are optional:
 - ID (If you are a member) 
 - Password (If you are a member)  
 - Full name 
 - Nick name
 - E-MAIL 
 - Address
 - Phone number 
 - Cell phone number
 - Mailing Services
 - Receiving SMS Notification Yes or No
② When collecting identifiable personal information, “Homepage” always needs the user’s consent.
③ The provided personal information cannot be used or provided to third party without the user’s consent and “Homepage” is responsible for all liabilities regarding this matter. However, there are some exceptions.
 - When notifying the delivery enterprise minimal amount of user information for delivery of products (Name, address, and phone number)
 - When non-identifiable information is provided for statistics, academic research, or market research.  
④ When “Homepage” need to get consent from the user according to Paragraph 2 and Paragraph 3, laws regarding the identity of the person responsible for personal information management (department, name, and contacts), the objectives of collection and use of information, and related matters on providing information to the third party, etc. should be specified beforehand and the user can withdraw this consent anytime.
⑤ The user can request for reading and modification of error on the personal information “Homepage” has anytime, and the “Homepage” has responsibility to carry out the necessary measures without hesitation. When the user has requested for correction of error, “Homepage” cannot use personal information until the error has been corrected.
⑥ “Homepage” should limit the managing personnel for privacy protection and is responsible for all damages due to the loss, theft, leak, falsification of user’s personal information including credit card and bank account information.
⑦ The third party that received personal information from “Homepage” should destroy personal information without hesitation after achieving the objectives of collecting or receiving the information.

Article 16 (Duties of “Homepage”)

① “Homepage” should not act against the laws, terms and conditions, or good public order and customs, and do its best to steadily providing goods and services by this agreement.
② “Homepage” should have necessary security system to protect the personal information (including credit information) for users to utilize the internet service safely.
③ When the user has sustained a loss due to the minor unreasonable indication or advertising against Article 3 of 「Law regarding the impartial indication and advertisement」, “Homepage” takes responsibility for compensation.
④ “Homepage” should not send any unwanted for-profit advertising emails to users.

Article 17(Duties of A Member Regarding ID and Password)

① Other than the case of Article, the management responsibility of ID and passwords is to the user.
② The user should not let the third party use his or her ID and password.
③ If the user is aware of the theft or usage by the third party of his or her ID and password, the user must notify “Homepage” and following the instruction of “Homepage” if given.

Article 18(Duties of the Users)

The user must not do the following:
 - Registration of false information when applying or altering 
 - Altering the posted information on “Homepage”
 - Sending or posting of information other than the designated information by “Homepage” (e.g. computer programs) 
 - Invading copyright and intellectual property rights of “Homepage” and other third parties 
 - Defamation of “Homepage” and other third parties, or interference with businesses 
 - Making public or posting obscenity or violent message, picture, sound, and other information that goes against good public order and customs.

Article 19 (The Relationship Between connected “Homepage” and unconnected “Homepage”)

① When the top “Homepage” and subordinate “Homepage” is linked through hyperlink manner (e.g. the subject of hyperlink includes text, picture, and dynamic images, etc.), the former is called connected “Homepage” and the latter is called unconnected “Homepage.”
② If it is mentioned in the connected “Homepage” that the connected “Homepage” is not responsible for transactions on independently provided products and services between the unconnected “Homepage” and the user, the connected “Homepage” is not liable for any issues.

Article 20(Jurisdiction and Restriction of Copyright)

① All copyrights and intellectual property rights on the work drawn up by “Homepage” belongs to “Homepage”.
② The user should not use for profit or let third party use the information gained by using “Homepage” through copying, sending, publishing, distributing, and broadcasting without previous consent.

Article 21(Solution of Disputes)

① “Homepage” should reflect reasonable opinions or complaints of users and should install and manage compensation handling organization to compensate for damages.
② The “Homepage” of compensation handling organization should process complaints and opinions submitted by the users first. However, if prompt dispatch is difficult, the reason and the schedule for processing will be immediately notified to the users.
③ Any conflicts between “Homepage” and the users may follow the adjustments of E-Commerce Mediation Committee installed according to Article 28 of Framework Act on Electronic Commerce and Article 15 of enforcement ordinance.

Article 22(Jurisdiction and Applicable Law)

① Any lawsuits regarding the conflict between “Homepage” and the users about electronic commerce will be filed to the competent court of the Civil Procedure Code.

service policy agreement (Mandatory)
Policy for Processing Personal Information

('', Hereinafter referred to as "Blacklink) has the following policies to protect the user’s personal information, rights and interests according to the privacy protection act and handle problems of the users regarding personal information.

('Blacklink') will notify on the bulletin board of the website (or individually) when revising the policy for processing personal information.

○ This policy takes effect from April 1st, 2017.

1. The objectives of processing personal information ('', Hereinafter referred to as "Blacklink) processes personal information for the following objectives. The processed personal information will not be used other than the following objectives and if the objectives change, we will ask for consent beforehand.

① Membership Registration and Management of the Website

Personal information is processed to confirm the registration intent of a member, identify and verify a member based on the subscription services, manage membership, identify a person according to the enforcement of Limited Identity Verification System, prevent abuse of services, settle grievance, preserve records for grievance settlement, etc.

② Provision of Goods and Services

Personal information is processed to provide customized service and to settle charges and fare.

③ Application in marketing and advertisement.

Personal information is processed to provide information on events and advertisement and participating opportunities, comprehend access frequency, or compile statistics on the member’s use of the services.

2. Present condition of Personal Information Files

3. Duration of personal information processing and possession

① ('Blacklink') processes and possesses personal information within the period according to the law or consented by the information object.

② The processing and possession period is the following:
 - Reason for Possession: Storage of member reservation and payment information
 - Related Law: Records on payment and supply of goods: 5 years 
 - Exception: None

4. Details on providing personal information to the third party

① ('', Hereinafter referred to as "Blacklink) provides the third party personal information only in the case relevant to the consent of the information object and the personal information privacy law Article 17 and 18.

② ('') provides personal information to the third party as mentioned in the following:
 - Person provided with the personal information: J.S Van Co. 
 - The purpose of utilization of the person provided with the personal information: in need of emergency contacts when dispatching cars or using the services  
 - The possession period: The company does not possess the information and the information may be used until the membership remains.

5. The method to exercise rights and duties of the information object: the user may exercise the following rights as the owner of personal information.

① The information object may exercise the following personal information protection rights mentioned in each item anytime to Team Booster Co.
 - Request reading of personal information
 - Request correction of errors
 - Request deletion
 - Request suspension of processing

② About the exercising rights mentioned in the item 1 according to the 8th annexed paper of personal information protection law enforcement regulation, a person can do so through a letter, email, FAX, etc. to Team Booster Co. ('', Hereinafter referred to as "Blacklink) and (Website URL, Hereinafter referred to as “Website name”) will take measures without delay.

③ When the information object requests correction or deletion of personal information, (Website URL, Hereinafter referred to as “Website name”)cannot use or provide personal information until the request has been handled.

④ The exercise of rights according to Article 1 can be done through a legal representative or a representative that received trust. In this case, the power of attorney should be submitted based on the form of personal information protection law enforcement regulation 11th annexed paper.

6. Creating entry of processed personal information

('', Hereinafter referred to as "Blacklink) processes the following list of personal information:
 - Essential Items: e-mail, cell phone number, full name 
 - Optional Items: password, ID

7. Personal information is destroyed after the processing objective has been accomplished, without delay. The following is the process, period, and method of destruction:

① After the objective has been achieved, the information the destruction process user entered will be moved to a separate DB (in the case of paper, separate file), and stored for a certain period of time based on the internal regulations and other related laws, and immediately destroyed after that. The information that has been transferred to DB will not be used for other purposes unless it is under the law. The personal information of the user will be possessed for a certain period of time and after that period, within 5 days of the end of possessing period, if the personal information is no longer necessary due to the achievement of objectives, the discontinuation of the service, or close of the business, etc. the information is destroyed within 5 days of the date it was deemed unnecessary.

② Destroying method

Information in electronic file form uses technical methods that cannot regenerate records.

8. Securing the stability of personal information takes the following necessary technical/managing and physical measures based on Article 29 of personal information protection law.

① Regular self-inspection

Regular self-inspection (once every quarter) is done to secure the stability of personal information.

② Minimization of the number of personnel managing personal information and education

We minimize the number of personnel managing personal information and educate them on managing personal information.

③ Establishment and execution of internal managing plan

To safely handle personal information, we establish and execute internal managing plan.

④ Technical measure to provide against hacking

Team Booster Co. (Blacklink) installed security programs to prevent leaking and damage to personal information through hacking or computer viruses, regularly update and inspect, and install system in controlled area from external access to monitor and block technically and physically.

⑤ Encryption of personal information

Personal information of the user is encrypted, stored, and managed so that only the user oneself knows, and the important data is encrypted or locked through separate file locks when it is being sent.

⑥ Storage of access logs and forgery prevention

The access log is stored and managed at least 6 months in the personal information processing system, and security functions are used to prevent forgery, theft, and loss of access logs.

⑦ Access restriction to personal information

Necessary measures are taken to restrict access to personal information through granting, alteration, and obliteration of access authority and using the intrusion blocking system, external unauthorized access is controlled.

⑧ Use of locking device for document security

Files and supplementary storage medium with personal information are safely stored in the place with locking devices.

⑨ Access restriction to unauthorized person

There is a separate physical place that stores personal information and the access restriction process is established and run.

9. Drawing up of personal information protection director

① Team Booster Co. ('', Hereinafter referred to as "Blacklink") is collectively responsible for processing of personal information, and has a director of personal information protection designated to handle grievances and damage relief of the information object.

▶ Director of personal information protection

- Full name :Jong Min Kim

- Position : Director of Development

- Rank : Director

- Contacts :1666-1968,,

※ You will be directed to the personal information protection department.

▶ Personal information protection department.

- Department Name : Service Development

- Person in charge : Director Jong Min Kim

- Contacts :

② The information object can inquire about all the inquires related to the personal information protection, complaints, and damage relief to the person in charge or the department in charge when using the service (or business) of Team Booster Co. ('', Hereinafter referred to as "Blacklink"). Team Booster Co. ('', Hereinafter referred to as "Blacklink") will reply and handle your inquiries without delay.

10. Change of personal information processing policy

This personal information processing policy is applied on the day of enforcement, and in the case of addition of changes, deletion, and correction, the changed policy according to the laws and regulations will be notified through announcement 7 days prior to the enforcement.

privacy policy agreement (Mandatory)
Chapter 1. General Provisions

Article 1 (Objective) The objective of this agreement is to define the company’s and the member’s rights, duties, and responsibilities in members (refers to the people who agreed to the Blacklink Service Agreement, Hereinafter referred to as "member”) using the Blacklink Services (Hereinafter referred to as “service”) provided by the Team Booster Corporation (Hereinafter referred to as the “company”).

Article 2 (Validity and Alteration of User Agreements)

① This agreement takes effect by the agreement to this terms and conditions by the clients requesting the service and registering as the user of the service through minor procedures defined by the company.

② When the member clicks on “Agree” button online on this terms and conditions, it is understood that the member has read all the contents of the agreement, understood it fully, and agreed to the application.

③ This agreement may be revised by the company in the scope of not violating the laws regarding the location information and protection, and utilization, Cultural Industry Promotion Basic Act, laws regarding the protection of customers in electronic commerce, and laws regarding the regulation of agreement in Framework Act on Customers, etc.

④ If the company revises the agreement, the company must specify the existing agreement, revised agreement, and the date of application and notify and announce 10 days prior to the application date for a significant period of time afterwards. If the revision is unfavorable to members, the revision must be posted 30 days prior to the application date for a significant period of time afterwards on the service website or notified through the electronic form (email, SMS, etc.).

⑤ After the notification from the company according to the preceding clauses, if the member does not express rejection from the day of notification to 7 days after the execution of the revision, it is deemed that the member agrees to the revised terms and conditions. If the member does not agree to the revision, the member can cancel the contract.

Article 3 (Application of Relevant Act) This agreement is fairly applied based on the principles of utmost good faith contract, and any details not mentioned in the agreement follow the related laws or commercial practice.

Article 4 (Contents of Services) The following is the service provided by the company.

Name of the ServiceContent of the Service
BlacklinkWe provide transportation from the location the client wants to the airport and vice versa.

① The service provided by the company is basically charged. However, in the case of a separate charged service, one should pay the mentioned fee to utilize.

② The company can claim charged service fee based on the method designated by the electronic payment company that made contract with the company or totaling up the bill determined by the company.

③ The cancellation and refund on the charged service fee follows the related laws regarding the company’s payment terms and conditions.

④ The request for refund due to the personal information theft and payment fraud or the request for personal information of the payee may be rejected unless required by the law.

⑤ The data fee when using wireless services are separate and follows the policy of the mobile-services company a member has joined.

⑥ Any charges occurring through entering posts through MMS, etc. follows the policy of the mobile-services company.

Article 6 (Notification of Service content change, etc.)

① If the company changes or ends services, the company may notify of the changes and close of the services through the email address provided by the member.

② In the case of item 1, the notification may be made on the website or via other company’s announcements if the information is intended for unspecified individuals.

Article 7 (Limitations and suspension of service utilization)

① The company may limit or suspend the services if the following reasons in the items occur.

 - When the members interfere with the operation of company’s services intentionally or with gross negligence

 - When maintenance, repair, or construction of the service is inevitable  

 - When the common carrier defined in the Telecommunications Business Act has suspended the telecommunication services

 - When the service is hindered due to the state of national emergency, facilities problem, congestion of service utilization, etc

 - Whenever it is recognized that providing services is unfit due to other major issues

② When the company limits or suspends the services due to the regulations of the preceding clause, the company must notify of the reason and the duration of limitation to members.

Article 8 (Use and provision of personal location information)

① The company must state on the agreement and get consent from the personal location information object on using the personal location information when providing services.

② The method of exercising rights of the member or the legal representative is based on the user’s address at the time of lawsuit, and if no address, the exclusive jurisdiction is given to the district court that have jurisdiction of an address. However, if the user’s address is not evident or the member is a foreign resident, the lawsuit is under the jurisdiction of a competent court of the Civil Procedure Code.

③ The company automatically records and saves the location information usage and offer, fact checking materials for fare settlement and grievance settlement with the other business owners or the users, and these materials are saved for a year.

④ The company must immediately notify the person provided with the information, date of provision, and the objective of provision of personal location information of a member through communication terminal to the member designated third party. However, if under the condition of item 1 below, the notification will be made through communication terminal or email address the member specified beforehand.

 - When the communication terminal the personal location information is collected does not have text, voice, or video reception function

 - When the member requested to be notified by postings online, etc. beforehand 

Article 9 (Rights of the information object on personal location information)

① The member can withdraw all or part of the agreement on providing location based services using persona location information and providing information to third parties anytime. In this case, the company destroys the personal location information, use of location information, and location service offering records.

② The member can always request for temporary suspension of collection, use, and provision of personal location information, and the company cannot reject, and there is technical equipment to deal with this particular situation.

③ The member can request for reading or notification of the following materials in the items, and if there are any errors, the member can request for correction. In this case, the company cannot reject the request of a member without just reason.

 - Authentication data of the collection, use, and provision of the personal location information

 - The reason and the content of personal location information that was provided under the laws regarding protection and use of personal location information or other regulations

④ The member can request the company for a minor procedure to exercise rights on the Article 1 through 3.

Article 10 (Rights of a legal representative)

① The company must get consent from the member and the member’s legal representative on provision of personal location information for location based services and the provision to the third party when the member is under 14 years old. In this case, the legal representative has all the member’s rights based on Article 9.

② To use or provide information to third parties over the scope of location information provision mentioned in the terms and conditions of a member under 14 years old, the company must get consent from the member and the legal representative. However, the following are exceptions:

 - When location information and authentication data is necessary for fare settlement on location information and location based services provided.

 - When unidentifiable information was provided for statics, academic research, or market research

Article 11 (Rights of person responsible for protective custody or care of 8 or younger children)

① When a person falls under the following cases, for protection, when personal location information is used or provided, the company assumes agreement.

 - Child 8 years old or younger

 - An incompetent

 - A person with mental disabilities defined in the Welfare of Disabled Persons Act 2, Paragraph 2, Article 2 and falls under the definition of a severely handicapped person of Employment Promotion and Vocational Rehabilitation for Disabled Person Act 2 Paragraph 2 (limited to the person who registered for the handicapped according to the Welfare of Disabled Persons Act 29.)

② The person responsible for protective custody or care of 8 or younger children must submit a verification letter to the company in order to agree to use or provide personal location information for protection of a child.

③ The person responsible for protective custody or care of 8 or younger children can exercise the personal location information object rights fully when agreeing to the use and provision of the personal location information of a child of 8 years old or younger.

Article 12 (Designation of the person responsible for location information)

① The company has a director of personal location information designated to properly manage and protect, and handle grievances of the information object smoothly.

② The director of location information management follows the supplementary provisions of this agreement on details as a department chair of the department that provides location based services.

Article 13 (Compensation for damage)

① When damage occurred to the member due to the violation of Article 1t5 to 26 of the laws regarding the location information protection and use of the company, the member can claim for damages. In this case, when the company cannot prove there was no intention or fault, the company cannot avoid responsibility.

② When the member violates the regulations of this agreement and cause damages, the company can claim for damages. . In this case, when the member cannot prove there was no intention or fault, the member cannot avoid responsibility.

Article 14 (Exemption)

① The company does not have responsibilities on the damages occurred due to the following reasons the services could not be provided.

 - Natural disasters or any equivalent conditions to those

 - When the third party that is affiliated with the company to provide services intentionally interferes with the service

 - When the services is not accessible due to the reasons attributable to the member

 - When there is no intention or fault of the company other than Article 1 through 3

② The company does not guarantee the services, the information published on the services, material, the credibility, accuracy, etc. and the damage occurred to members through these matters are not responsibilities of the company.

Article 15 (Application of Regulations)

① This agreement is regulated and executed under the legislation of Republic of Korea.

② Any matters not mentioned in this agreement follow the relevant laws or commercial practice.

Article 16 (Grievance mediation and etc.)

① The company may request for decision to Korea Communications Commission under the location information protection and use related law Article 28, when the persons directly involved cannot reach agreement.

② If no agreement can be reached by the company or the client on the location information, dispute settlement can be requested to Personal Information Dispute Mediation Committee under the Personal information act 43.

Article 17 (Contacts of the company) The following is the company’s name and address:

① Company Name : Team Booster Corporation

② Representative : Minseok Lee

③ Address : 3rd Floor, V-Tower, 54, Nambusunhwan-ro 350-gil, Seocho-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea

④ Main Number : 1666-1968

Supplementary Provisions

Article 1 (Enforcement Date) This agreement is enforced starting from April 1st, 2017.

Article 2 The following is the person in charge for location information management as of April 1st, 2017.

① Department: Service Development Division

② Contacts:

location based service agreement (Mandatory)

Article 50 of the law regarding the promotion of information and communication network use and protection of information (restricting the information transmission for the purpose of profit-making)

① Person who received the agreement of receiving it should confirm whether the person to receive advertising information agrees to the receiving it or not regularly according to the presidential decree.

Article 62-3 of enforcement ordinance of the same law (way to confirm if a person agrees to receiving it)

① A person who accepted the previous agreement of the receiver should check if the receiver still wants to agree to receiving it every two years from the date he accepted the agreement. (It means the previous date of the same date of the agreement acceptance date of every two years.)

② A person who wants to confirm whether to agree to the receiving or not should tell the receiver the followinginformation.

 - The name of the sender

 - The receiver’s agreement to receive and the date to agree to this

 - The way to continue or cancel the receiving agreement

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